10 Steps to Create a Call Sheet

Step 1. Start with a template. You can download this one HERE.

Step 2. Fill out all the information you can without having to look at schedules. For instance visit weather.com to see what the weather is. Enter the date etc.

Step 3. Look at the schedule provided by the 1st AD and if you are the 1st AD then first create a schedule using Movie Magic Scheduling. Use the schedule to enter the scenes for the day and the next day’s events.

Step 4. Enter the cast information on the front page.  You may need to refer to the Cast D.O.O.D to figure out what to put for the specific day.

Couple of terms to know:

Status = SWF (start – work – finish) SW (start – work) W (work) WF (work – finish) H (Hold)

P/U = PU (Pick UP) SD (Self Drive)

Step 5. Use the Crew list to enter the information on the back of the call sheet.

Step 6. Determine Pre-calls. Who will need to come in early? If you have 7 actors in the first scene and 1 makeup artist chances are you will either need to pre-call some of the actors an hour early and/or bring in an additional makeup person. If you have a scene involving a lot of lighting in the very first scene you may need to pre-call the G&E department.

Step 7. Use the Schedule to enter information for props, vehicles, wardrobe etc. You don’t need to list John Smith’s shirt. List things that are abnormal like John Smith’s gold belt.

Step 8. Save it as a pdf and send to the 1st AD and Producers. Do not involve the Director with the call sheet creation process. When on set you will also disseminate the prelim to Dept keys such as the DP, PD, Gaffer, Wardrobe, HMU etc.

Step 9. Make suggested changes and then proceed to merge as one document using this nifty tool.

Step 10. Email the Crew the call sheet and pertinent info. In a seperate email notify cast with the call sheet etc.

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