10 things to do when its slow in the film/tv industry

The last few months have been very slow in the film/tv industry for many. With the writers strike the industry could continue to be slow for the next few months or even the rest of the year. Eventually things will go back to “normal” but it probably won’t be next week.

Below I have come up with a list of 10 things to do when its slow:

  1. Fix/update your vehicle. Take care of that headlight that needs fixing or install those speakers you have been putting off forever. Get the oil changed and finally clear out that glove box with all the trash that has been hiding.
  2. Purge your clothes. Get rid of those old clothes that don’t bring you joy. Maybe donate/sell a few of them.
  3. Visit family. Take that trip to visit aunts/uncles/grandparents/sisters/brothers/parents etc that you have been putting off forever.
  4. Go on a vacation. Plan that trip with family/friends to that country or state you have been dying to visit.
  5. File for unemployment. If you have no work on the horizon make sure to take advantage of this government money that is technically yours.
  6. Decorate/fix your home.  Now is the time to take advantage of that project you have been dying to do that will improve your personal space. Start a garden, hang the painting, fix the dishwasher etc…
  7. Meditate/See a counselor. Its very important that during this slow time you take care of your mental health and potentially see someone who can assist you.
  8. Find a side hustle. Create a list of 100 ways that you can make money doing. Narrow that list down to 5-7 things that you can investigate and start pursuing a few of them. Don’t wait for that magical film gig to come down the pipeline.
  9. Create a new health routine. Whether you decide to go on three walks a day or hit the gym twice a week, find a routine that can meet your new health goals.
  10.  Update your resume/cover letter/website/social media. Get as prepared as possible to apply for jobs and keep an eye out for that job that pops up online or from a friend.
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