10 tips to consider when scheduling your film or tv project

When it comes to Scheduling your Film or TV project it is essential to consider many factors when making decisions that will effect the entire shoot. Below I have listed 10 tips that I believe will help guide you in your endeavor.

10 tips to consider when scheduling your film/tv project:

  1. Shoot out LOCATIONS as much as possible.
  2. Condense LEAD ACTORS 1-6 as much as possible and attempt to shoot out.
  3. Shoot the HARDEST biggest scene first each day.
  4. Look for TURNAROUND issues that effect your primary cast and see how you can eliminate issues before filming begins.
  5. Shoot your EXT scenes first in case of weather.
  6. Shoot DAYLIGHT dependent scenes first and figure out what can be shot in a room without the sun for when you go into overtime.
  7. Shoot the MEAT of the movie first and leave the misc smaller scenes for later in the shooting schedule.
  8. Look for scenes that have MINORS or EXTRAS and find ways to group them together and shoot them out accordingly.
  9. Add DAY NUMBERS to your strips and aim to group scenes by day numbers to minimize wardrobe changes throughout the day.
  10. Aim to make the PAGE COUNT for each day according to the complexity of the scene(s) listed. Example: Shooting a 4 page newscast scene might only take an hour to film whereas a 4 page stunt sequence could take all day.
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