Ideas to stay healthy and sane when working on location

I often travel and work on location for 2-3 months at a time. When I do travel it can be challenging to stay healthy and establish new routines.

Below I have outlined a few ideas when traveling for work.

  1. Find a trail close by your hotel / living quarters that you can go for a daily walk or bike ride (rent a bike if possible).
  2. Consider joining a local gym for one or more months. I’ve done this several times even when the local gym doesn’t typically offer short-term deals I managed to negotiate a deal.
  3. Consider doing a group work out (yoga / strength training etc) at a near by studio.  There are several apps that often have classes based on your location. One of my favorite is MindBody or ClassPass.
  4. Do yoga or push ups in your hotel room using a youtube channel or other streaming service.
  5. Go see a chiropractor and/or get a massage.
  6. Have Factor meals sent to your hotel room and eat healthy.
  7. Research to see if there are any hiking trails close by. Consider making a goal to go once a week.
  8. Go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks/drinks (low sugar / low carb).
  9. Meditate daily or three times a week. Consider using Headspace or Waking Up.
  10. Look for a local church you can attend once a week.

10 software essentials for your next movie or tv show

Below is a list of 10 software/app recommendations for your next movie or tv show!

  1. Setkeeper or Croogloo for sides, distro and watermarking
  2. Cinapse for real time set updates and more
  3. RABS for digital vouchers for background
  4. WrapTime for digital crew out times and crew lists
  5. Conduiit for cloud-based accounting system to manage vendors etc.
  6. Contract Book for managing legal contracts like location agreements and actor contracts
  7. Slack for crew collaboration and cutting down emails
  8. To Doist for sharing to-dos
  9. Sync On Set for dept continuity tracking ie.. costumes and art
  10. or Alteon for camera file uploads and dailies

Stop using paper daily time sheets!

Everyone I know in production hates daily time sheets. Crew members loathe filling them out and ADs get overwhelmed with tracking them down and deciphering the bad hand-writing.

A new web-based app called Wrap Time has a solution to the out-time process with a digital approach.

7 reasons to consider Wrap Time on your next production:

1. 100% digital. You will be saving trees, toner and hours of man-power spent waiting around for out-sheets.

2. Raw data. An excel file is generated with the entire crews’ out-times that can be copy and pasted into any PR template. You can even automate the process with formulas so that your PR auto-populates.

3. It’s Fast. Crew Members will be able to submit their info in a matter of seconds once wrap is called.

4. Crew List. Besides collecting out-times there is a built-in updated crew list so that you have cells at your finger tips.

5. Time Card Accuracy. Crew Members will be able to review their times for each week so they have a central place to reference for when creating their own time card. You won’t have to print out PRs and pass them around….

6. Multiple Users. In addition to the AD staff using the console, Accountants and UPM/Line Producers can gain access so they can see what is happening real-time.

7. Easy to Use. Once the system is setup and key crew members are trained how to use it…updating a PR will be a piece of cake.