7 reasons to consider the new G-Casper when creating Call Sheets

Ever since I heard that there was finally a reliable call sheet formulated on google docs I wanted to try it. I remember when google docs was in its mere infancy I tried to create a call sheet to fit, however there were limitations. Now that google docs has advanced in what it can do, a team of people have developed a kick-ass tool that will forever change the way ADs create and maintain call sheets, production reports, exhibit G’s and more.

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  1. It’s created using Google Docs. Google Docs have become an integral part of tv/film production thus making this transition that much easier. The same premise of using an excel sheet…only its now in the cloud. Should your computer get stolen/missing you still have a call sheet to edit.
  2. It’s free. You don’t have to spend a dime. Who doesn’t love that?
  3. You can now make the process more collaborative. Stop emailing those excel files back and forth or waiting for your dropbox files to sync. Have your entire AD dept on this document and get to work. This is also beneficial for when someone gets sick, fired or has to step away to solve a crisis.
  4. You will save time by allowing the document to pre-populate information like the previous casper system. It can pull up scenes, cast and crew info based on the other tab’s data and linking features.
  5. Decrease the amount of human errors made. With the new bug feature, it will help you spot potential problems such as in-correct call times, bad email addresses etc…
  6. Everything is in one place. You don’t have to have multiple excel sheets and pdf’s open to get your work done. Everything is in one central “google doc.”
  7. If shared with a 1st AD, allows them the ability to look out as it is being updated without having to wait on a printed physical pdf prelim. The 2nd AD can essentially make a round of updates and over walkie tell the 1st AD to look at on their phone/tablet.
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