A checklist for traveling and working on location

When traveling to a different state or country to work on a film or tv series there can be a lot to think about when preparing and getting all your affairs in order. I’ve come up with a checklist of things to consider when traveling to work on location.

  1. If going to be gone longer than a month consider suspending your car insurance. This could save you $$$$.
  2. If living alone turn off your breakers except for your refrigerator and remember to turn your air conditioning off when you leave.
  3. If bringing a suit or or have a set of nice clothes consider wearing them on the plane. Doing this will help you not have to worry about wrinkling that nice jacket.
  4. Consider buying a drink holder or neck pillow for your plane ride.
  5. Charge all your devices (phone, laptop, ipad, chargers) before your arrival.
  6. Check the weather.com 10 day and month forecast for the place you are visiting and pack accordingly.
  7. Make arrangements for where you will store your car. Will it be safe in your driveway or the street for that long? Airport parking is typically really pricy for the long haul so be creative and consider a neighbors driveway.
  8. Consider having a remote post office box where you can forward certain bills etc to your new location. You might consider having a friend check your mail every two weeks in some situations.
  9. Ask production for the exact address of where you will be going. Using google find the local coffee shops, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, gyms, etc and create an ongoing google document.
  10. Make sure that any outstanding checks or invoices that may be coming to your old address will be re-routed to your temporary address.
  11. Consider pre-ordering certain foods or things you may need via amazon prime and having them shipped to your new location. I tend to do this for things like protein or hygiene products.
  12. Find a few books at the local bookstore or online that you can dowload onto your ipad/kindle etc.
  13. Buy or bring a few unwatched movies with you.
  14. Consider what office supplies you may want to bring with you that will be hard to instantly get when you arrive. I typically bring my pendaflex and wonderfile with me everywhere.
  15. Bring essential things for laundry and mail. I typically like to bring a roll of quarters, laundry detergent pods, stamps, envelopes etc.
  16. Let your family and friends know about your travels. Consider creating a facebook group conversation and giving them a heads up!
  17. Clean your car and house. I know it sounds weird but do you really want to come back to a messy place?
  18. Get a haircut. You won’t have time once you land.
  19. Find a few friends and go hang out somewhere before you leave.
  20. Research fun things to do in the city you are headed to. Perhaps groupon.com or meetup.com will have some ideas for upcoming events or things to do where you are headed.
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