Applications for confirming with crew members

When I send out call sheets one thing I do on the very first day of production is I confirm with the entire cast/crew to make sure they received my email. I typically ask the crew to confirm they received the email and I call all of the talent. I ask all crew to reply “Got It” and give them a deadline.  For larger union projects the AD does not typically have to worry about contacting the crew, however on non-union shoots this is sometimes the case.

Here are some applications I use to contact crew members.

This application is free on the Mac. I use iMessage on my mac computer to text crew members who haven’t responded. This is faster than texting them because I am able to use my keyboard.  The only downside to iMessage is not everyone has an iPhone so for the people that don’t you will be forced to send them a text through your phone.



Signals is an application that works with google mail and apple mail and helps you track emails to make sure they were opened. They have a free and paid accounts.  What I like about signals is that it will show me if someone has opened my email and not responded. This can eliminate the need to text them a confirmation if you know that they opened the email.





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