Apps for Assistant Directors 

 June 21, 2014

By  Brandon Riley

When I’m on set I often have the problem of juggling lots of papers. The problem for me is I loose things very easily.  I will almost daily loose my set of sides at least three times in a day. Recently I bought an iPad mini to help control the way I access information and work on set. I love this device because its great for reading scripts and its perfect size to lug around without being too heavy.

I use the following Apps on my iPad mini when working on set.

1. MMS To Go – opens the MMS scheduling file

2. Dropbox – access to your films dropbox folder

3. GoodReader – when going to a location that doesn’t have internet access immediately this application comes in very handy. You can open necessary files in Goodreader, which automatically saves the files in this program (unlike dropbox which requires wifi connection).

4. Shot Lister – ability to create a shot-list in excel and then send to this app in order to see how much time you have for each shot. This app if used correctly will help you know if you are on schedule or fall behind.

5. Drive – access your production’s google document (cast/crew sheets)

6. Sheets – access your production’s google document (cast/crew sheets)

7. Sync on Set

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About the author 

Brandon Riley

Brandon works as a freelance Line Producer, UPM and Assistant Director and is a member of both the PGA and DGA. He enjoys giving back to the film community by providing free resources, articles, podcasts and youtube clips that educate and inspire.

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