Director's Viewfinders

PowerFinder Director's Viewfinder

PowerFinder is the complete director’s viewfinder for your iPhone. Pick any camera sensor, lens, aspect ratio and format to find the perfect shot anytime, anywhere. PowerFinder reproduces any camera, aspect ratio and lens combination. In addition, it includes a comprehensive list of commonly used motion picture and still cameras. Use the slick heads-up display overlay to view stats for your shot: focal length, ISO, speed, dutch angle, compass heading, GPS, horizon, aspect ratio, sensor, third lines and color and lightness histograms. Then save the shot with data embedded or visible in the frame into a custom album. Choose any sensor size and your favorite prime lens and preview it instantly. For iPhone and iPad. ($19.99)

Artemis Director's Viewfinder

The Artemis Pro (director’s viewfinder) and Helios Pro (shot planning) applications work together to help seamlessly plan shots, whether in the studio or on location surrounded by buildings or mountains. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder replaces traditional viewfinder with a more convenient form factor and far more accurate and adaptable feature set. After selecting a camera format and lens grouping, Artemis simulates the field of view of the lens you wish to use. You can either compare lens selection in a wireframe view or specific focal length you’ve chosen in zoom view. Artemis allows for the saving and sharing of images and recording crucial shot data. There is also a facility to save your own notes alongside each saved image. Available in the Google Play Store. For iPhone, iPad and Android. ($29.99)

Cadrage Director's Viewfinder

Using your smartphone camera, Cadrage simulates the framing of any camera and lens setup. Preview shots instantly and get ready to shoot faster. Cadrage has a built-in gallery and project manager to organize your images and add notes to them. From there you can email or upload them to your Dropbox and also create PDF shotlists. Cadrage supports spherical and anamorphic lenses and also the use of Metabones Speedbooster adapters. For iPhone, iPad, and Android ($14.99).

Mark II Artist's Viewfinder

Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder assists the filmmaker or still photographer in exploring different places and angles to find the optimal placement for the camera, and to second-guess compositions. By simulating real camera and lens combinations it allows you to visualize what you are going to shoot without actually setting up the camera. Because it also saves full-resolution photos, you can even use it as a regular camera. For iPhone and iPad. ($24.99)

Shot Designers / Lists

Celtx Shots

Visualize your story and create multi-sequence storyboards, camera blocking, and lighting setups on the fly with Celtx Shots. Create and edit multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards. Block camera, lighting, talent, prop, set dressing, & equipment setups with an extensive library of 500+ clipart images, or draw your own. View animation with the built-in Storyboard Player. Backed up to and synchronized with your online Celtx Studio. For iPhone and iPad. (Free)

Shot Designer

Shot Designer is a tool that creates Animated Camera Diagrams with shot lists, storyboards and director’s viewfinder and includes integrated sync and team sharing for pro users (especially useful for Directors and DPs). Shot Designer dramatically speeds up the director’s process of making camera diagrams by creating full-blown diagrams in seconds. For iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. (Free, offers In-App Purchases)

Shot Lister - Film set schedule tool for Directors:

Shot Lister – Film Set Schedule Tool for Directors revolutionizes the art of shot listing, anywhere from pre-production to the minute by minute decisions on set. The app is designed to deliver the only solution that can build, organize; schedule and share shot lists digitally. For iPhone and iPad. ($13.99)


ShotPro brings pre-visualization to Filmmakers, Directors, DPs and Storyboard Artists on all major platforms. Easy to use interface lets you build compelling 3D sets and scenes. Everything comes to life when you animate characters, props, cameras, and lighting. Intuitive interface for creating and working on scenes. Ability to use real-time performance in 3D. Note that this app uses 2.3 GB of space. For iPhone and iPad. ($39.99)

Storyboard Composer - Cinemek

Storyboard Composer is a mobile story boarding application. No need to know how to draw. This app allows you to portray your vision to others in an easy controllable format. Designed for Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers, Writers, Animators, Art Directors, film students and anyone who wants to be able to visualize their story. For iPhone or iPad. ($14.99)

StoryBoard Quick Direct HD

StoryBoard Quick Direct turns your iPad into a mobile pre-visualization tool that allows you to create and show off your storyboards and cinematic ideas. The HD version is a bigger, Hi-Def interface to make composing your storyboards even easier. Insert any photo on your iPhone or iPad to use as a location/backdrop or take a photo right where you are and use it instantly. Every frame has its own caption for director’s note or dialog. Type your dialog or comments. Press play and watch your storyboard sequence play back on your mobile device. View your entire project as thumbnails in the overview window. For iPhone and iPad. ($29.99)


Zeus:Scout is a mobile virtual production app created by veteran visual effects and filmmaking experts at Zoic Studios. The app services and supports production before, during and after principal photography by putting virtual location backlot assets at the user’s fingertips. By providing a mobile platform for virtual production (previz, location scouting, camera framing, tech visualization), users can easily bridge communication on set with cinematographers, directors, visual effects supervisors and art and script departments. For iPad only ($9.99)


Crew Time Card

Crew Time Card tracks your call times, wrap times, daily meal times, earnings, hourly rate, day rate, and guaranteed hours, etc. For iPhone and iPad. ($1.99) 

Film Production App

Whether you are looking for someone to fill a crew position, a pre or post production service, or an equipment rental or sales, this app has it covered.  You will find full contact information including click-to-email, click-to-web address, click-to-call, and company description for each listing. For iPhone and iPad. (Free)

Time Card 24 Converter

A simple application to help convert clock times into decimal times.  For example: 6:42pm to 18.7. This helps in filling out time cards. For iPhone and iPad. (Free)

Wrap Time

Wrap Time is an application designed for film industry crew members to keep track of their hours, pay, meal penalties and job information right from your iPhone or iPad. You can email your in and out times to production, right after wrap is called. For iPhone and iPad. ($1.99)

Scenechronize to go

scenechronize to go! For production customers, take all of your scripts, schedules and other important production documents with you, where ever you are, online or offline!