Covid-19 Resources

Below is a list of companies and organizations with helpful information regarding Covid-19.


ReelHealth – On Set Health & Safety

Production PPE – PPE for Film Production

Sani Set – On Set Safety Products

Protect Your Set – On Set Health & Safety

Set MD – On-Demand Medical Care and Technical Advising for Film & TV Productions

Plus One Rentals – PPE & Equipment

G8 Check – On Site Covid-19 testing

Facebook Groups

Covid-19 Compliance Officer Forum (Film Industry)

Covid-19 Compliance Officers – Entertainment Industry

I need a Covid Compliance Officer for TV and Film

I need an On-Set Covid Compliance Officer

Covid-19 TV & Film Supervisors – Support Network

Guidelines and Resources

White Paper – Download the Industry Rules and Regulations

The Safe Way Forward – Download the Industry Guideline

Software / Apps

FeverFree AI-verified team temperature checks and symptom prescreening
Gather Safely Tools to collaborate safely on set
GoEvo Covid-19 Screening App
Healthy Roster COVID-19 Screening and Alerts Platform
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