Creating Digital Call Sheets 

 September 10, 2017

By  Brandon Riley

Several years ago I ran across a product for creating Digital Call Sheets called Set Hero.  The company had  created a system that would eliminate the need to build Excel Call Sheets and keep track of Distro Lists. As someone who frequently works as an Assistant Director I always enjoy getting to use software that makes my job easier. While this program is not 100% perfect for every film/tv project, I have found it to be useful on a variety of shows and their customer service is amazing!

10 Key Features:
1. Mass upload crew lists, cast lists, scenes etc.
2. Distro to crew is quick and easy
3. Option to send a text message with the call sheet in addition to an emailed call sheet
4. Integrated Production Reports (still in Beta)
5. Custom Branding (add a logo)
6. Change call times for the entire crew in a matter of minutes
7. Add multiple users to edit and make changes
8. Easily add things such as the weather forecast without having to look it up
9. Upload attachments such as sides, maps or safety bulletins
10. In addition to a pdf. call sheet you can explore the digital version which is like using an app (very cool)

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About the author 

Brandon Riley

Brandon works as a freelance Line Producer, UPM and Assistant Director and is a member of both the PGA and DGA. He enjoys giving back to the film community by providing free resources, articles, podcasts and youtube clips that educate and inspire.

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