Episode 10 – The art of directing Background Actors with Alexander Salazar

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In this episode we talk with Alexander Salazar about the role of the 2nd 2nd AD and the art of directing Background Actors.
Alexander Salazar (@directedbysalazar on instagram) is a filmmaker and Assistant Director from Washington state, who graduated with a Bachelors in Film & Television Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles before moving to New Orleans to work on a wide range of independent and studio films. After working on numerous shows as a Production Assistant, Alex soon joined the Directors Guild and began working as a 2nd 2nd AD and Key 2nd AD. Some of his credits include Happy Death Day 2U, The Highwaymen, Yellowstone: Season 2, Queen of the South: Season 4, as well as the upcoming films Power and Bill & Ted: Face The Music. In addition to his work as an AD, Alex has directed two feature films, including the award-winning Amazon film “Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games” and “A Lesson In Cruelty”.

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