How to schedule your day as a 2nd AD

Whenever I work as a 2nd AD on a Low Budget Film I am often in charge of  a variety of tasks. Its easy to get overwhelmed so I try and break up the day so that I can prioritize what’s important.  What is in this list is not comprehensive and it may not apply to large TV shows.  Some of the items listed will happen all day long….like signing actors out on the Exhibit G.

Before the first shot

-Assist in getting Actors through the works (HMU/WARD).

-Call or Text any Actors that may be running late.

-If on location assist with making sure vehicles, crew and cast know where to go.

-Assist the 1st AD with anything related to getting the first shot off.

-Start the Exhibit G and record when Actors arrive if they are late.

Before Lunch

-Create a Call Sheet Prelim and give to the 1st AD / UPM.

-Visit the set periodically and assist the 1st AD in between scenes to make sure things are running smooth.

-Check in with different department heads to make sure they have items ready to go for the next scene or day.

-Create a Production Report from the prior day’s out times, exhibit G and call sheet. Sometimes a 2nd 2nd AD will create the PR instead of the 2nd AD.

-Make sure lunch is setup and ready to go. Notify the 1st AD if there are any delays and assist in breaking certain cast and crew early if in best interest of the day’s work and the 1st AD allows for it.

Before Wrap

-Distribute updated Call Sheet Prelims to Dept heads and go over any specifics for the next day.

-Call or Text any actors that are working the next day that are not currently on set. Give them a heads up about their call time, location of filming and make sure they have spoken to Wardrobe.

-Call any special crew or vendors that are working the next day that are not currently working.  Example. (You have a drone operator coming tomorrow and you want to make sure he is prepared and has everything he needs.)

-Update the Call Sheet based on notes from the 1st AD, UPM and any Dept Heads.

-Print Call Sheets to fly out to Crew at WRAP. (Best to print the last hour of filming incase times change and to avoid waisting paper)

-Mark up and print sides for the next day. If you are working on a large production, the office will often take care of this.

-Draft email to Cast

-Draft email to Crew

At Wrap

-Email Cast

-Email Crew

-Collect out times from Crew or assign a PA or 2nd 2nd AD to collect out times.

-Make sure that Background are getting signed out properly.

-Finalize the Exhibit G and sign actors out.

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