Location Scout Guide

As an Assistant Director sometimes I have to wear many hats especially when working on low budget projects where there is no location manager. When I scout locations I have a list of questions I ask at each site that help me figure out the logistical needs before shooting so I know all my bases are covered.

You can download the list as a .pdf HERE.

Name of Location:

Prep (dates) – Can you get in early to do art prep or pre-rig lighting?

Shoot (dates) – When are the actual dates? Do you have a 12 or 14 hour window?

Wrap (dates


Contact Person

Contact Cell Phone

Contact Email

Restroom Situation – Will there be restrooms? Do we need to rent porta-potties or a Honeywagon?

Cast/Crew Parking – Is there enough free parking?  If not what are the options? Do we need to shuttle crew?  What about a parking lot nearby?

WIFI Code – Is there wifi?  Do you need to rent wifi?

Hair/Makeup Area – Is there a room with enough light to do HMU? If the room is dark do we need to run a light from the G&E department?  Is the situation so bleak its worth renting a Honeywagon or RV?

Wardrobe Area / Actor Changing Rooms – Where can wardrobe setup?  Is there a place for actors to change?  Are restrooms the last resort for changing?

Camera Staging Area – Is there a safe place to leave equipment overnight?  Will there be security?

DIT Setup

Production Office – Where can the UPM, 2nd AD and Producers setup their mobile office?  They will need a place where they can make calls and be somewhat noisy.

Crafty – Where is the closest we can setup crafty near SET that will not be in the way?

Catering – Where is the best place to setup catering?  Are we setting up tables/chairs or using an existing eating area?

Truck Parking – Where are we parking the G&E Truck, Generator etc?

Special Notes – etc…

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