How to use SLACK for your production

Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It’s faster, better organised and more secure than email.

You can download slack’s desktop platform as well as the iPhone and android app.

This past year I started using it on a few productions and really fell in love with it. It was a way to brainstorm ideas, build community and cut down on hundreds of emails that get lost in the ethos.

Below I have listed a few tips to using SLACK for your production…

Tip #1. Create a slack workspace with a creative name. You can also upload a logo so that its branded properly.

Tip #2. Figure out how many channels you want to have within the workspace. You can create a channel for each department like Makeup, Costumes, Locations etc.

Tip #3. Make certain channels private and certain channels avail to anyone. I have several channels I keep private and don’t need the rest of the crew to chime in on.

Tip #4. Invite your crew to the platform. You can invite them via the link in the program or send out an email with the workspace link. Yes some people will be resistant and you may not want to use it for certain departments like casting or accounting etc but in general its helpful to get all your Department Heads on the app.

Tip #5. Lead by example and post ideas, questions and fun things on the app. When you encourage people to post on the app this will help to cut down on the hundreds of emails that will ensue during a production.

Tip #6. Figure out what you are NOT going to use slack for. One example is I still send out emails with zoom links for various mtgs. If i use Slack its possible that this invite could get missed. I also do NOT use slack when communicating with vendors, casting directors, agents or anyone that is not on full time payroll etc..

Tip #7. Get permission before you decide to use it. If your Directors/Producers are totally against using it then don’t try and force the use of it. At the end of the day some people are used to a certain way of doing things and you can’t always suggest a new process.

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