Filling out “The Exhibit G”

When working on a film set and working with actors using a SAG agreement you will be required to fill out an Exhibit G each day of filming. This form can be intimidating if you have never filled out one before but once you get the hang of it, its not that difficult.  Follow this is easy-to-use guide below.

Steps to filling out the “G”:

  1. Fill in necessary information.
    Picture Title
    Shooting Location (Today’s shooting address)
    Production # (SAG will assign you one)
    Date (Today’s Date)
    Phone Number (A Producer or person responsible for the SAG contracts)
    Is Today a day off (yes or no)
    Production Type (MP = Motion Picture, TV = Television, MOW = Movie of the Week, Industrial = Corporate, Other = Commercial etc) write this info to the right of this section,
  2. Fill in information for each actor / stunt person
    # – Cast ID
    Cast – Actor’s full name
    Minor? – Are they a minor. Write Y for yes
    Character – The name of the role for the actor.Note the above information can be pre-filled out the day before to make the process run smoother on the actual filming day.

3. Fill in what the actor is doing in the Status section

Status – This is the column where you indicate what the actors are doing.
R = Rehearsal / FT = Fitting / TR = Travel Day / H = Hold / T = Test / SW = Start Work / W = Work / WF = Work Finish / SWF = Start Work Finish

4. Fill in the times, allowances and penalties for each actor / stunt person

****All times can be inputted using regular time or military time.****

Report Makeup Wardrobe – This is the time the actor arrived for HMU & wardrobe. If the actor arrived earlier than their call time you would simply list their call time from the call sheet, however if they arrived later than their call time this is important to note.

Report on Set – This is the time the actor arrived on set.

Dismiss on Set – This is the time the actor was wrapped on set.

Dismiss Make Up Wardrobe – This is typically 15 minutes after the actor has wrapped on set. If for some reason the actor takes longer to get out of HMU and Wardrobe you can adjust this time, however 15 minutes is always given.

ND Meal – This is an abbreviation for Non Deductible and it means that the actor will not receive a meal penalty if they take a breakfast when called in before the main call time.

ND meal in – The time the actor begin their ND Meal

ND meal out – The time the actor finished their ND Meal

1st meal – This refers to Lunch and is due six hours after the general call time.

1st meal In – The official time lunch was called

1st meal out – Typically 30 minutes after “last man” was called

2nd meal In – The official time 2nd meal was called

2nd meal out – Typically 30 minutes after “last man” was called

*Note 2nd meal is typically something that only happens a few times on a project and not every day.

Travel time – This is the section that is primarily used if the shooting location is outside the studio zone or if you have flown an actor from out of state. You do NOT need to fill this section out if the actors are local and shooting within the Zone you are allotted.

Leave for location – The time the actor left their house or hotel to the location.

Arrive at location – The time the actor got to location that day.

Leave location – The time the actor left the location that day.

Arrive at studio – The time the actor arrived at their house or hotel.

Stunt Adj. – This section is primarily used for stunt performers, however it can be used for actors as well. The rates are variable depending the contract.

Minors tutoring time – This is the total number of hours a Minor spent in school. This may not be necessary if filming during the summer etc.

No. Outfits Provided – Did the actor provide any wardrobe and bring them to set? Use a number value in this column.1, 2 etc

Forced Call -This is a very expensive column so beware. Checking this box means that you violated an Actor’s turnaround time. Make sure to consult the Jefford Rules or Sag’s website for proper turnaround times.

MPVs – Was the lunch or 2nd meal late or non-existent. Refer to the SAG contract to see how to rate this. Use a number value in this column 1, 2, etc

Performers signature – At the end of the day you will collect the Actor’s signature. This is the hardest part of filling out the G. Make sure actors (especially beginning actors) know to find you before leaving so they can sign out with you.

Download this handy XLS editable Exhibit G.