4 media collaboration software tools to consider

While I don’t typically work in post I have found that I do need to be familiar with some of the latest tools to stay ahead of the game and be in the know. Instead of posting every software tool out there I thought I would post the few I have tried and used over the years.


Frame.io: is one central hub that lets you share media, track feedback, and streamline your workflow so your team can work closely together from anywhere in the world.

I love the commenting system between the poster and viewer.  Because this software is so well known and used it is easy to get other team members on board. I typically don’t need to convince anyone…


Assemble.tv:  is a newer platform that offers real-time collaboration and project management tools, asset management and file sharing.

In addition to being a collaboration tool, Assemble comes with a really sophisticated calendar system that can be great for sharing within your team and making specific calendars with assignable actions. You can also share more than just post assets…. While in production you can create galleries for locations or graphics to be approved for art department etc…


Sohonet.com: is a media company that has designed multiple tools for the film industry. One of their premier tools is ClearView that allows editors to stream live reviews of their work with low latency for up to 40 viewers. Whereas with some collaboration tools..the reviews have to been rendered and uploaded, with ClearView you can make notes in real time. This tool is very useful when making notes regarding a VFX shot or something that might take a while to render etc.


Alteon.io: is a newer platform that offers real-time collaboration, multi-user editing, and real-time feedback tools. With this service you can upload raw files and then download the proxies. I do love how I can keep all my projects in one place on their system without having to have multiple accounts.

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