Run A Better Set (RABS)

The RABS App is trusted by ADs, Accounting, Casting, Payroll, & Other Crew to safely & efficiently manage background talent & production’s needs.


Feature and Episodic production management platform aggregating processes and crew to a single hub. Sides, Distro, Texting, PR Management and more…


Streamline your approval process across departments from prep to post. Keep your production moving forward with interactive communication for your decision makers – locations, casting, and more.

Save up to 10 hours per week in prep and production with document distribution.

Automatic script breakdown and sides creation. Order your sides in shoot-order with multiple episode cross-boarding.


As a studio executive, imagine having one secure archival library for all your production documents in an easily searchable platform that both serves as a communication catalog and supports corporate compliance across almost every department in your organization. Imagine real-time production updates keeping you informed via your personal dashboard with email and mobile options. Imagine reducing physical storage costs and retrieval time to a fraction of what they are today. Stop imagining. Start using Scenechronize SmartHub.

Movie Magic Scheduling 6

Set schedules, break down scripts and create comprehensive digital production schedules.

Input the elements of your script to create a shooting schedule, breakdown sheets, day out of days, cast breakdowns, and more.

Save time breaking down scripts by linking and syncing creative elements digitally to help manage script revisions throughout the production.

Create your own report and schedule templates and digitally distribute to crew for a safer, paperless production.

Think Crew

A new way to schedule your feature or tv series. You deserve an outstanding experience. Think Crew allows you to schedule your show in ways never before …

Set Hero

Film and TV production management software built for today, not yester-year. Save time with cloud-based call sheets and production reports.

Movie Magic Scheduling to Excel Exporter

If you’re a filmmaker, you probably have tried to export data from Movie Magic Scheduling and found it incredibly frustrating. This is where our slick tool comes in. It lets you export scene breakdown data from Movie Magic Scheduling into an organized Excel file in just minutes!

Studio Binder

Web-based Video, TV & Film Production Management Software. Create & send call sheets, shooting schedules, script breakdown sheets, and manage cast …


The free, cloud-based upgrade to the Call Sheet classic.

With 30 new features and 20 new error trackers, you’ll be more efficient than ever at making call sheets.

G-Casper offers live-synchronized, cloud-based Call Sheets, Cast&Crew Lists, Production Reports, Exhibit G’s and more.All for free, all Open Source.


Digital Cloud-Based platform for commercial ADs…