The art of CRAFTY

On larger projects or union shoots “crafty” is something that is typically carried out by the person whose sole job is operating craft service. These people are a pro at making snacks, keeping drinks cold and shopping in general.

On smaller projects or low budget non-union shoots “crafty” is often neglected and sometimes delegated to a PA who has never worked crafty before or has no idea how to.  As an Assistant Director crafty does not fall under the job description, however managing PAs does and so helping them understand how to properly manage “crafty” while the UPM or Producer is busy dealing with other items can prove very helpful especially if you have some influence on what they end up buying at the store.

Couple of notes when training someone on CRAFTY.

1. ICE everyday is essential. Keep drinks cold at all times. Warm drinks on set is unacceptable.

2. Never run out of water.  The moment you are on your last case of water someone needs to be on there way to get more.

3. Shop at the beginning for supplies that will last the entire shoot but be prepared to shop everyday for fresh fruits and items that need to be refilled.

4. Have a budget. If your budget is $150 a day you may have to spend $300 the first day and $75 the next two days so that you don’t overspend.

5. Be prepared for night shoots. If you are shooting overnights its important to stock up on caffeine and things that will keep people awake. You might need to budget extra for rock stars and red bulls on these nights.

6. Treat the craft service like a toddler. Its always making a mess and you’ll always be cleaning it up.

7. Buy containers to keep things fresh. If you can afford it buy large plastic containers that you can ration out the craft service. These come in helpful to put things like grapes, chips, chocolate etc.

8. Change it up. Try not to buy the same thing everyday. Change up some of the specialty items so that you aren’t eating twizzlers and goldfish everyday.

9. Be Healthy. People can’t leave set.  You are the gateway for people to eat healthy. Make sure you have healthy options.

10. Offer people items. At the beginning of the day offer the Directors/Producers coffee. During the day offer cast/crew members water.  People can’t always visit the craft service table because they are busy at work, which gives you the opportunity to bring crafty to them.

Download these helpful Crafty Lists.


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