Using google drive for cast/crew sheets 

 July 19, 2014

By  Brandon Riley

Google Drive is one of the best tools for creating cast/crew sheets. There are a few other programs out there that I recommend, however for your typical low-budget project Google Drive works great and doesn’t cost anything.  I love this system because it cuts down on emails back and forth and assures that everything is up-to-date as much as possible.

Here are some steps on how to use google drive:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Upload the template to google drive and format for your project.  Put 1s and 0s for what days people are working.

Step 3:

Share the google document with your Key crew members.  I typically make the cast list protected so that only the AD staff, producers and casting director have access to it.


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Brandon Riley

Brandon works as a freelance Line Producer, UPM and Assistant Director and is a member of both the PGA and DGA. He enjoys giving back to the film community by providing free resources, articles, podcasts and youtube clips that educate and inspire.

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