Why your production should use Dropbox


I’ve been a fan of Dropbox since the day it started. I have owned several computers for many years and the idea of syncing documents back and forth has been very cumbersome. Using Dropbox allows me to have the same production documents on my home computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone all in one place. If you are working with a Director, DP, PD, PC, UPM and Producer having a common place where you can share documents will make everyone’s life simpler.

Once I am hired onto a project I always ask the production do you have a dropbox folder and if you do can you SHARE the folder with me. ¬†Sometimes they will send me a link. ¬†You don’t want a link. You want them to login to the dropbox account and actually share the folder. This way you can sync the documents you need to throughout the film. A shared link is worthless.

On occasion the production does not have a dropbox account setup nor do they really care to use it. In that case I offer to share my dropbox folder with them and if they want to use it great if not it still helps me to stay organized.

Here is a dropbox folder structure that I have created that is FREE for you to use and change all you want. This dropbox folder structure was created from working on dozens of projects and combining the best elements into one structure.



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